Meet Jimmy Brown

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29 Jan 2016

Jimmy is a long time owner & friend to our stables. He is in his ninety's & says his love for racing is what is keeping him alive. 

He took a moment of his time to share the following 

Best horse: 

Ringlock - won the 1966 Waikato Steeplechase and two McGregor Grant Steeplechase (trained by Jack Winder)
Kiwi Export - 2 time winner of the Hawkes Bay Steeplechase (1998-2000) (trained by Bob Autridge)
Cape Kinaveral - Won the 2012 NZ Grand National Steeplechase (trained by Graeme Rogerson)

Best racing memory:

Ringlock & Eiffel Tower - 200m out from the finish of the Great Northern, went down by a neck to the great mare Eiffel Tower

Dairy farming is his trade and the following has kept him busy over the years:

  • Milk 1400 cows at Riverlock
  • Milk 1000 cows at Brooklands
  • ?Rear 1200 calves a year and all the Bull Calves go to Hautapu Station
  • Also has 60 hectares of Kiwifruit (Riverlock Packing)

Other interests:

When not watching the races he is an avid rugby fan & loves nothing better than watching the great games on the paddock.


"If in the twilight of your years & you wish to feel the rush of adrenaline, Graeme & Debbie's is the place to be"